Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

18th January

Sadly, I’m pretty sure my running style hovers somewhere between ‘The Geezer’ and ‘The Stiffy’…although both of them appear faster than me.

Could You Please Remove That War Hammer From My Thighs?

17th January

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but clearly there must be something. The most recent malady (in a growing list) to develop as I continue this journey towards the marathon is that my quads hurt almost the minute I start to run. I’m not talking about some mild discomfort. I’m talking ‘battle axe to the legs’ discomfort. I’m not sure if it’s related, but my knees have also begun to ache. Today was the first day I ever had to walk during a run to give myself a bit of relief.  Not a fan of this new development. Not at all.


Anyone out there ever come across this?  Have you found a cure?



Crossing the 10 Mile Barrier Like a Wounded Animal

9th January

This past saturday I somehow got duped into a run I had never intended to attempt. I set out with the intentions of doing a 5 mile run.

Two hours later, I found myself breaking through the double digit mileage barrier like a wounded animal. Too say that I was slow during those final 2 miles is a gross understatement. I’m quite certain….NO…I’m positive that a small child could have walked faster than I was jogging. But, for me it wasn’t about the speed at that point, it was about finishing without stopping.  The most surprising thing to me was that I never felt taxed cardiovascularly…it was simply that my legs and knees grew sore.  In hindsight I suspect that having more than a yogurt for breakfast and a bit of water would have served me well.

The weather was gorgeous here in …

Running in Portland, OR

5th January

This week I’m out in Portland, OR for work. Rather than do my typical running in the hotel bit, I grabbed my gps and hit the streets and hills of Portland in the early morning hours.

Even if I had tried, I doubt I could have timed my route and run better. Just as the sun began to rise I found myself in the city’s highest point. To date, this is my favorite runners experience.


The Minimalist Guide to Strength Training for Runners

1st January

Apparently I’m not alone. The more I run, the more I realize that I’m neglecting other muscles in my body. Runner’s World Coach Jenny offers some solutions in this informative article. 




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