A little weekend photo shoot and run

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A little weekend photo shoot and run

Ever since I began building this website and the Make My Feet Go effort I have been painfully aware of my need for photographs. I like directing photo shoots…not being photographed. However, it makes no sense to keep saying ‘I’ in most postings or advertising and not show who ‘I’ is.  So, this past weekend I gathered up my camera and my running/photography assistant and walked around the area where I typically run snapping photos all along the way.  In the end, I think we captured some pretty compelling images. If nothing else, I’ll be able to look back at these someday and think….”this is what I look like suffering”.

In addition to the photo shoot I did manage to squeeze in a very painful 5.17 mile run saturday afternoon. Pretty much everything from my chest down was sore that day. 52 minutes of awfulness. I was also sat to discovery that my Sunday sure-fire-quick-fix-of-what-ails-you yoga class couldn’t get me right.

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