Lost In The Hills Training

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Lost In The Hills Training

Yesterday I ventured out to the Fellsway with my far more talented running partner to try to get in a long run before the start of NFL games. After spending quite a few miles now running over potholes and worn down commercial buildings (I run in Chelsea) I was pretty excited about the idea of running through the woods. But, when I saw the trail map at the head of the park I immediately became concerned. I’m not sure if time has removed all traces of color on the map or someone just had no idea how to create a trial map….but every trail on the entire map was marked by white squares. Every one. How does someone know what trail they are on if they are all marked the same?  Questions to ponder.

I should note that I’ve spent quite a bit of time out in the woods. In the past I’ve been a pretty avid mountain biker so I’m very familiar with signage and trails and what have you when you’re out in a public park.  But, no sooner had we set out on our first mile…..we found ourselves off the trail and walking through briars and scrambling up rock faces. To say that the trails lacked sufficient signage is a gross understatement. In the end, I led us back to the ‘road in the woods’.  I was full of frustation when we clocked in our first mile at 15minutes….and considered abandoning the day altogether. But, we carried on.

To make a long story short we found our way to the Reservoir Loop and the run from there on out was a good one.  While I still think there is a severe lack of signage out in the Fellsway, I will no doubt be heading back again. There is something wonderful about running in the woods.

I should note that if it’s your first time at the Fells….prepare yourself for a lot and I mean a lot of hills covered with rocks. It’s pretty tough on the joints.

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