Crossing the 10 Mile Barrier Like a Wounded Animal

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Crossing the 10 Mile Barrier Like a Wounded Animal

This past saturday I somehow got duped into a run I had never intended to attempt. I set out with the intentions of doing a 5 mile run.

Two hours later, I found myself breaking through the double digit mileage barrier like a wounded animal. Too say that I was slow during those final 2 miles is a gross understatement. I’m quite certain….NO…I’m positive that a small child could have walked faster than I was jogging. But, for me it wasn’t about the speed at that point, it was about finishing without stopping.  The most surprising thing to me was that I never felt taxed cardiovascularly…it was simply that my legs and knees grew sore.  In hindsight I suspect that having more than a yogurt for breakfast and a bit of water would have served me well.

The weather was gorgeous here in Boston on Saturday, if you can believe it, I was actually running in shorts…in JANUARY!. That’s just unthinkable. My pace started out relatively normal. I was doing my typical 9:30 – 9:45 miles for the first few miles. As is typically the case, however, the longer I run the slower I become. In the end, I had some horrifically slow miles (13min + ) in there…no doubt due in part to the hills of Chestnut Hill.  My running partner on the other hand was blissfully running along without a care in the world. In fact, she wound up running 11 miles simply because she had to double back so often to check in on my sloth-like progress. 

It’s now 2 days later and I can honestly say that my legs are still recovering. Did I bite of more than I could chew? Probably. Will I likely make the same mistake in the future. Yup.

10 miles down. 16.2 to go.




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