If you let that statistic sink in for a moment, I’m sure you can see how cancer, if it has not already done so, is poised to impact your family. For me, cancer is likely waiting for 2 members of my family. That is a very sobering fact. Which is why when I decided to run the Boston Marathon this year I reached out to only one team.

“Dedicated to Discovery. Committed to Care.” This is the mission of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, described as “one of the world’s premier cancer centers” by the National Cancer Institute. Founded in 1947 by Sidney Farber, MD, DFCI is renowned for its unique blend of basic and clinical research, and for using its discoveries to improve the treatment of adults and children with cancer. This year, 100% of the donation I raise will go towards Dana-Farber’s Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research. The Barr Program is widely recognized as one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind. Based on a rigorous and highly selective process, the Barr Program funds the brightest, most creative scientists making basic research discoveries that are transforming cancer treatment. Barr Investigators have made numerous major breakthroughs resulting in improved survival rates and quality of life for thousands of patients everywhere.






Wondering if I'm working hard for your donations? This is where you can check in to see how I'm fairing.

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