19 MILES DOWN. $ 6,180 TO GO.

14th March

This past Sunday, I completed my longest Boston Marathon training run yet … 19 miles!  I’m walking around a bit wounded after that one, but I know I’ll be ready for the marathon on April 16th


I thought the physical and mental challenge would be the toughest part of this endeavor.  Instead, I’m discovering that raising awareness and $9000 for the Dana-Farber Institute is proving to be my true challenge.


The Dana-Farber Institute, was recently ranked as one of the Top 5 Hospitals for Cancer by US News & World Report. One of the many programs that distinguishes Dana-Farber from other Hospitals is their role in cancer research.


All funds – a full 100% – raised by DFMC benefit the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, widely recognized as one of the largest and most successful …

Running Abroad

5th February

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Germany for work. I spent 5 days in Tegernsee and 4 days in Hamburg. For the record, Germany is gorgeous. But, while I loved being there, I did find that sticking to my training schedule was nearly impossible. Instead of running my prescribed 26-30 miles/week…I was lucky to hit 10.

I managed to to squeeze in 3 runs while I was there. I did two runs along the gorgeous Lake Tegernsee and then a 7 miler around the lake in the center of Hamburg. There really is something amazing about running in a new city or location.

Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

18th January

Sadly, I’m pretty sure my running style hovers somewhere between ‘The Geezer’ and ‘The Stiffy’…although both of them appear faster than me.

Could You Please Remove That War Hammer From My Thighs?

17th January

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but clearly there must be something. The most recent malady (in a growing list) to develop as I continue this journey towards the marathon is that my quads hurt almost the minute I start to run. I’m not talking about some mild discomfort. I’m talking ‘battle axe to the legs’ discomfort. I’m not sure if it’s related, but my knees have also begun to ache. Today was the first day I ever had to walk during a run to give myself a bit of relief.  Not a fan of this new development. Not at all.


Anyone out there ever come across this?  Have you found a cure?



Crossing the 10 Mile Barrier Like a Wounded Animal

9th January

This past saturday I somehow got duped into a run I had never intended to attempt. I set out with the intentions of doing a 5 mile run.

Two hours later, I found myself breaking through the double digit mileage barrier like a wounded animal. Too say that I was slow during those final 2 miles is a gross understatement. I’m quite certain….NO…I’m positive that a small child could have walked faster than I was jogging. But, for me it wasn’t about the speed at that point, it was about finishing without stopping.  The most surprising thing to me was that I never felt taxed cardiovascularly…it was simply that my legs and knees grew sore.  In hindsight I suspect that having more than a yogurt for breakfast and a bit of water would have served me well.

The weather was gorgeous here in …

Running in Portland, OR

5th January

This week I’m out in Portland, OR for work. Rather than do my typical running in the hotel bit, I grabbed my gps and hit the streets and hills of Portland in the early morning hours.

Even if I had tried, I doubt I could have timed my route and run better. Just as the sun began to rise I found myself in the city’s highest point. To date, this is my favorite runners experience.


The Minimalist Guide to Strength Training for Runners

1st January

Apparently I’m not alone. The more I run, the more I realize that I’m neglecting other muscles in my body. Runner’s World Coach Jenny offers some solutions in this informative article. 



Yurbuds – Headphones that refuse to fall out!

29th December

Like many, I love my iphone. Like many, I find running with their headphones infuriating. I’m happy to say that I think I have found the cure. I was wandering the aisles of CitySports the other day and came across the Yurbuds display. There happened to be a sales rep right beside me. I asked if these worked. He quickly responded by telling me about their ‘twist-lock system’ and that he uses them and even if you yank on them….they refuse to fall out.  Right then and there I was sold.

I picked up the Ironman Inspire Pro version because I love the built in mic system that my iphone headphones have.

I’m a half dozen runs into my life with Yurbuds and they have not caused me a moment of grief. I whole heartedly give these guys my thumbs up. If …

3 Weeks Done….15 Weeks to Go

29th December

Wow…just typing that scared me. It feels like I’ve been running for quite some time now. Yet I still haven’t even begun to get into the serious portion of the training.

As of now, (knock on wood), all is well for me as a runner. My legs and knees get a bit irritated with me from time to time, but they are holding steady…growing stronger. Aside from the holiday week, My cardio also seems to be improving. All in all I can honestly say I’m enjoying this little adventure of mine.

I’ve been following a program created by 1976 Boston Marathon Winner Jack Fultz for ‘Novice-Level’ runner. Not surprisingly, Ole Jack hasn’t let me down.

For those who are curious, I’ve attached an outline of the first 3 weeks of the program. Enjoy.

Powerful Beyond Measure

23rd December

Dana-Farber Team Member Lauren shared this video this morning. It’s definitely worth me sharing again.

Enjoy. And remember, we are all powerful beyond measure.

Dress for Success

21st December

by Jack Fultz, DFMC Training Advisor and 1976 Boston Marathon®
Men’s Champion

“Dress for success.” What does the power dress motto have to do with your training
garb? Translated into “runner-speak” it means that you should dress for the second or
third mile of your run during cold weather.

In the Northeast, the nasty weather and cold air is just beginning to arrive. If the
temperature is in the low 40s or below, expect to feel cold when you first step outside for
your daily run. If you are bundled up enough to feel comfortable in the cold before you
begin to run, then you’re overdressed. Instead, always dress for the temperature that
your body will be once you’ve gotten going, a mile or two or three into your run.
It’s important to wear a few thin layers, including a nylon-like outer shell, a light knit cap,
and gloves …

My First Fundraising Letter Goes Out Today

18th December

Dear Friends, Acquaintances, Colleagues, and Family,

On April 16, 2012, I will be running the Boston Marathon for the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge (DFMC). I know what you’re thinking: “What, the marathon?! But you haven’t run more than three miles in your entire life!” And isn’t this going to hurt your back? While those statements may be true, I have found a reason that makes it all worthwhile.

Last summer I lost another close family friend to cancer. That makes five family members or friends in as many years. Whether I had been lucky in years prior or simply walking through life with blinders, I hadn’t really felt touched by cancer. But now, I can’t seem to avoid it.

The reality is that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will be diagnosed with cancer. If you let that statistic sink in …

Derailed in Tampa

16th December

My training has been seriously derailed this week. The irony is that it’s because of  a Health Club. Since Monday I have been in Tampa filming a commercial for YouFit Health Clubs. During my trip, I only managed to squeeze in a 3 mile run on the hotel treadmill. According to my training schedule I need to get in 13-17 miles by the end of the week.  That means, I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

For those that are interested, I’ve attached a few photos of what it looks like on the set of a commercial shoot.

Sports Bras vs. Speedos

13th December

I’m really enjoying this interesting infographic via mp3running that highlights some of the difference between male and female runners.  Click to see the entire series of info graphics.



Lost In The Hills Training

12th December

Yesterday I ventured out to the Fellsway with my far more talented running partner to try to get in a long run before the start of NFL games. After spending quite a few miles now running over potholes and worn down commercial buildings (I run in Chelsea) I was pretty excited about the idea of running through the woods. But, when I saw the trail map at the head of the park I immediately became concerned. I’m not sure if time has removed all traces of color on the map or someone just had no idea how to create a trial map….but every trail on the entire map was marked by white squares. Every one. How does someone know what trail they are on if they are all marked the same?  Questions to ponder.

I should note that I’ve spent quite …

Make My Feet Go & I Think I Can T-Shirts Now Available

9th December

My t-shirt shop is up and running.  I wish I could lower the cost, but in order to ensure that $5 goes to Dana-Farber they will be pricier than I had hoped.  If there are any other products (hooded sweatshirts, hats, etc) you might be interested in purchasing please let me know.



My Love Hate Relationship with NIKE +

8th December

If push came to shove, I’d probably tell you that I love the Nike + app. But, there is a growing part of me that hates it. The pros are very obvious….it’s slick looking, it tracks just about everything an amateur running could possibly need and it incorporates playlists and power songs. I also really love the fact that it gives your audio cues whenever you reach a certain mileage marker.  The problem I have with Nike + is that the interface is entirely too sensitive. If I’m running with my phone in my pocket or my shorts it almost always pauses/then starts. Then pauses/ then starts. Then pauses/then switches songs/the pauses/then starts. It’s a never ending cause of frustration. I can’t get any part of my body anywhere near that interface without it reacting with some sort of unwanted …

Beer is not gatorade

5th December

Last night, my roommate and I hosted our Happy Everything Bash which included an amazing keg of local brewed Pretty Things by Jack D’Or. As with most celebrations of this nature, overindulgence was rampant. I did manage to scrape my carcass out of the bed  just before dinner in order to run.

A place for your change

3rd December

One of my favorite parts about working in a ad agency is being around other creative people.  I mentioned to a couple of coworkers that I had an  opportunity to put change jars in a couple of local businesses….almost immediately, I had a fun little point of purchase display in the works.

This is it. Money goes in the shoe and down into the box. Simple concept…just done better than most.


A lot of running, not a lot of donuts

2nd December

With over 5.5 hours of running under my feet now, it’s shocking to see that I’ve only burned 22 donuts.


Mileage is climbing…..just need to get my frequency to do the same.

2nd December

I’m feeling stronger each time I run. Problem is…the longer I run, the more pain I feel over the following days.  I can only assume that this is the way it’ll be from here on out and not the exception.


A little weekend photo shoot and run

28th November

Ever since I began building this website and the Make My Feet Go effort I have been painfully aware of my need for photographs. I like directing photo shoots…not being photographed. However, it makes no sense to keep saying ‘I’ in most postings or advertising and not show who ‘I’ is.  So, this past weekend I gathered up my camera and my running/photography assistant and walked around the area where I typically run snapping photos all along the way.  In the end, I think we captured some pretty compelling images. If nothing else, I’ll be able to look back at these someday and think….”this is what I look like suffering”.

In addition to the photo shoot I did manage to squeeze in a very painful 5.17 mile run saturday afternoon. Pretty much everything from my chest down was sore that day. …

I Have Found My Higher Power

23rd November

I believe I have found my higher power…and it goes by the name of Tron Legacy.
Last night I went out for what was supposed to be a 3 mile run. I decided to listen to one of my favorite ‘it’s time to crank on a design‘ albums while I run. Turns out that Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy is not only great to design too, but also great to run too. I think I may have experienced a runners high or something. I have no other way of explaining why I suddenly jumped from 4 miles to 8 miles. If not for some cramping in my quads I could have just kept on going. My cardio never wavered.

A very busy weekend

20th November

I broke through the 4 mile barrier relatively easily on Saturday morning. In fact, the hardest part of that run turned out to be cleaning a gift from a dog off of my shoe.  The next morning, however, I felt it. I wound up running over to Back Bay Yoga for a little mid morning yoga. The class was great. Inversion free and full of long deep stretching.  I couldn’t have asked for better.  Turns out my body was grateful. My Sunday night run was my best yet. I felt strong the entire way and really crushed a considerable sized hill at the end.

Here is my week in review.  Not bad….I’m making progress.



3.11 Miles, 29:29

17th November

It was pouring here in Boston today and I hadn’t been prepared for the rain so I found myself running over at my Planet Fitness. The good thing about running at the gym is that there are about 30 treadmills. The bad news, about 2 tv’s work properly. Really frustrating. I hate the gym. I always have. But, it was my only option. In the end, I cut my run shorter than I had originally planned on.


I Should Be Running. Instead I’m Designing This

16th November

What makes Dana Farber special

16th November

Lisa Scherber, Director of Patient & Family Programs, reveals first hand how Dana Farber impacts the lives of those with and without cancer.


A Gorgeous Day For A Run

14th November

Quite possibly the nicest day of the year here in Boston today. I love the fall. Ran along the Charles on the Boston and Cambridge side today. Wound up running on crowded sidewalks a bit more than I liked after crossing the BU bridge.  Need to figure where the route went wrong.

3.26 miles, 31 minutes


A rainy day in Boston, but I must run.

10th November

Brooks Ravenna 2

6th November

This is 1 of 2 pairs of sneakers that I’ll be training in. I’m hoping that I’ll develop a clear cut favorite in the end.

Not sure if these are going to help me as a runner…but they sure do look nice. Picked these up over at City Sports on Boylston one afternoon. I was able to put my Insider Points to good use on this one.


Asics Gel Cumulus 12

5th November

I’ve always been an Asics guys. Perhaps it’s because my feet are wide like a hobbit. I’ll be sure to discuss the pros and cons of this shoe as I spend more time in it.


Wondering if I'm working hard for your donations? This is where you can check in to see how I'm fairing.

19 MILES DOWN. $ 6,180 TO GO.

This past Sunday, I completed my longest Boston Marathon training run yet … 19 miles!  I’m walking around a bit wounded after that one,...

Running Abroad

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Germany for work. I spent 5 days in Tegernsee...