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3 Weeks Done….15 Weeks to Go

29th December

Wow…just typing that scared me. It feels like I’ve been running for quite some time now. Yet I still haven’t even begun to get into the serious portion of the training.

As of now, (knock on wood), all is well for me as a runner. My legs and knees get a bit irritated with me from time to time, but they are holding steady…growing stronger. Aside from the holiday week, My cardio also seems to be improving. All in all I can honestly say I’m enjoying this little adventure of mine.

I’ve been following a program created by 1976 Boston Marathon Winner Jack Fultz for ‘Novice-Level’ runner. Not surprisingly, Ole Jack hasn’t let me down.

For those who are curious, I’ve attached an outline of the first 3 weeks of the program. Enjoy.

Dress for Success

21st December

by Jack Fultz, DFMC Training Advisor and 1976 Boston Marathon®
Men’s Champion

“Dress for success.” What does the power dress motto have to do with your training
garb? Translated into “runner-speak” it means that you should dress for the second or
third mile of your run during cold weather.

In the Northeast, the nasty weather and cold air is just beginning to arrive. If the
temperature is in the low 40s or below, expect to feel cold when you first step outside for
your daily run. If you are bundled up enough to feel comfortable in the cold before you
begin to run, then you’re overdressed. Instead, always dress for the temperature that
your body will be once you’ve gotten going, a mile or two or three into your run.
It’s important to wear a few thin layers, including a nylon-like outer shell, a light knit cap,
and gloves …


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