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My Love Hate Relationship with NIKE +

8th December

If push came to shove, I’d probably tell you that I love the Nike + app. But, there is a growing part of me that hates it. The pros are very obvious….it’s slick looking, it tracks just about everything an amateur running could possibly need and it incorporates playlists and power songs. I also really love the fact that it gives your audio cues whenever you reach a certain mileage marker.  The problem I have with Nike + is that the interface is entirely too sensitive. If I’m running with my phone in my pocket or my shorts it almost always pauses/then starts. Then pauses/ then starts. Then pauses/then switches songs/the pauses/then starts. It’s a never ending cause of frustration. I can’t get any part of my body anywhere near that interface without it reacting with some sort of unwanted …


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